Create a simple Apple Watch application that features multiple options for easy interaction and input from the user. The Apple Watch Nest app. will focus on the key indicators and functions that are most important to Nest Customers and make them that much more intuitive and accessible. (ALL users tested wanted to be able to control temperature)



Nest’s top competitors are the EcoBee3 and the Honeywell Lyric. We tested the mobile apps of all three products. While there are many similarities, there were also some key differences that we took into account with our recommendations and design. These were the findings:


Honeywell had no access beyond the login page other than install assist, which only allowed you to get through 7 of approximately 15 slides before you got stuck. Honeywell kept the user at arms reach unless you had the product. (70% of users had a negative reaction to this version due to lack of options. They didn’t mind the aesthetic however)


EcoBee3 had a demo of the version you could test out to see what the interface was like. However, the interface was extremely busy and poorly organized. Leaving the users scrambling through screens to find the feature they were looking for. Also, the white writing on black background put off a fair number of testers. (60% had negative feedback)


Nest did not have a demo available to try, but did allow a fair amount more discovery and search throughout the app.  and had a 5 step set up series of screens vs. Honeywells 15.



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Apple Watch’s home screen is a gesture based screen full of icon badges without titles. Staying true to the Nest brand we are utilizing the Nest “Home Badge” as our Home Screen Icon, with it’s use of the vivid Nest Blue (#00AFD8) making it jump off the screen.

Home Screen

Temperature Control

AC Active + Eco Leaf

 Weather Outlook

Swipe up from watch face to activate “Glance” feature

Short Notification

Long Notification

Nest   Glance

Heater Active



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